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Food Resources – 211

Welcome to 211! We are the central access point to help people in need. Below you will find community resource information to aide in your search.

FAQ on FoodShare and WIC

Question: Where do I go to get FoodShare?

Answer: Go to the Social Services Agency and speak with an agent.

Question: What will these FoodShare and WIC Vouchers do?

Answer: They will allow you to purchase food at the Grocery Store, Corner Store, or the Farmer’s Market. They work like a debit card. Money is subtracted from the card as it is used.

Question: How do I get transportation or bus passes to the Social Service agency or WIC Clinic?

Answer: You can give them a bus pass.

Question: How do I know if I’m eligible for WIC or FoodShare?

Answer: Go to the WIC or Social Services Agency and they will determine eligibility.

FAQ: Food Pantries

Can I just show up at the food pantry and get food?

No, you must have a referral from 211 to get food at the pantry.

How do I get a referral to the food pantry?

You can get a referral here at 211 for the emergency food pantry but you might want to visit Social Services and WIC to see which benefits you would qualify for if you already haven’t.

How often can I use the food pantry?

You can use the food pantry only ONE time during the entire simulation.

Questions About Transportation

How can I get transportation to the grocery store?

You must have a Transportation Card to get to the Grocery Store. 211 cannot provide Transportation to the Grocery Store, only to the Social Service Agencies.

How can I get transportation or a bus pass to the Social Service or WIC office?

211 can provide clients with a Bus Pass that provides transportation only to WIC or the Social Service Agency.

Questions About Identificaiton

Where do I go to get an ID?

211 will not provide any identification to residents. Residents need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain an ID.