Virtual Food For Today

Hunger Simulation

Emergency Food Pantry

Hello, and welcome to the St. Charity Food Pantry where distribute a bag of emergency food to clients with a referral by our dedicated community volunteers.

  • Our pantry distributes a bag of nutritious food to community residents that need food. The bag of food we will provide satisfies nutritional requirements for that day.
  • We treat our community members with dignity and respect, and never charge for food.
  • We encourage you to seek out information from WIC and Social Services to see which benefits you might qualify for.
  • IMPORTANT: You may only receive food from the food pantry one time during the entire simulation.

Guidelines for Distributing a Bag of Food

  • You may give a bag of food to someone who has a Referral Card. If they do not have a Referral Card, send them back to 211 to obtain one.
  • Once they have provided a Referral Card give them a Food Pantry Bag Card. This bag has enough food to nutritiously feed your whole family for the day.
  • Clients may only use your pantry service one time during the course of the entire simulation. If they have received a bag on the first day they cannot receive a bag on subsequent days.
  • Stockbox, which is officially referred to as the Commodity Supplemental Food Program cards are for those over 60 and have a monthly income of $1,354 or less if you are single, and $1,832 if you are a couple. It’s officially the Commodity Supplemental Food Program federal nutrition program that is income-based for folks 60 and over, whereby they get a box of food for free once a month.

Additional Notes 

  • We are open the entire first day; the afternoon on day 2, and only the morning on day 3.