Virtual Food For Today

Hunger Simulation

Food Resources – Social Service Agency

Welcome the Social Service Agency! We will determine whether or not community residents qualify for FoodShare and, if they do, to provide them with Food As a Social Service Agent we have many cases to work on at one time. Because of this, we have to be short with customers. When clients are with us, we may have to hurry them along because we’re just too busy. We also must stick firmly to the rules – if clients don’t have the correct documentation, we must turn them away.

  1. FSET CARDS: This stands for FoodShare Employment and Training. For some, in order to receive/maintain their FoodShare benefits, you will need to participate in this program so when they if they inquire you give them an FSET card and have them sit at your station. If you are mandated for training, you be unable to go grocery shopping until afternoon because that’s when their training is done.
  2. I must see your Transportation Card or Bus Pass. If you don’t have a Transportation Card or Bus Pass, inform them that you cannot help them. Give them a 211 Community Information Card and instruct them to go to 211.
  3. If you have a Transportation Card or Bus Pass, then I need to see your ID Card. If you don’t have an ID card, I cannot help you. You will need to go to 211.
  4. If the FoodShare Application Card says “Service Available” proceed to the Eligibility Determination chart.
  • The applicants’ monthly income must be below the amount indicated for the number of people in their household.
  • If they are eligible, give them a FoodShare Card, worth $30 in food for the entire simulation. Tell the client that the money on this card can be used every day of the simulation. If a community resident isn’t eligible for FoodShare give them a card for 211. Remember, give only one FoodShare Card per household, not per person.
Day 3 Instructions

On day three the Social Service Agency is closed due to a furlough of state workers. At this time we will put out our ‘Closed’ sign and not provide service UNLESS the you are able to organize 4 or more residents to hold a protest demanding reopening. Should this happen we will re-open immediately.