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Hunger Simulation

Stores & Markets Grocery Store

Welcome to the Grocery Store!

In order to shop at our store, below you will find important information so that you may feed your family:

  • In order for participants to shop at our store you must have a Transportation Card. Please note: Bus passes are not good at the grocery store. If you don’t have one you will need to shop elsewhere.
  • For customers paying with cash, add up the prices on the food tickets and keep track of your spending on your note pad so that you do not go over your allotment for the day.
  • For each purchase made with FoodShare or WIC, cross out the money currently remaining and write your new total on your note pad.
  • NEED: (These are all attached separately) Photos – Store Front AND Food Selection Gallery-style photos, pricing, quantities (~15)

ALSO NEED – content as described above for each of the Store Resources:

Food Cards