About Us


The Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin aims to connect anti-hunger advocate partners throughout the state to engage and expand the FREE | LOCAL | INDEPENDENT model.

The Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin comprises 134 members in 72 counties, 3 states and two countries, joining together to end hunger. The Hunger Relief Federation is committed to feeding people in need today and advocating for public policies to end hunger tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Hunger Relief Federation?

The Hunger Relief Federation is a coalition of anti-hunger leaders from across Wisconsin.

Who started the Hunger Relief Federation?

Hunger Task Force is the founding member of the Hunger Relief Federation bringing together free and local partners from across the state.

Where are the members from?

Hunger Relief Federation members serve Wisconsin’s 72 counties and 11 Tribal Nations.

Is there a fee for joining the Hunger Relief Federation?

No. The Hunger Relief Federation will never charge a membership fee.

What are the benefits of joining?

Join with other anti-hunger organizations from communities across the state to:

Build Capacity | Share Resources | Support Local | Collaborate | Advocate

Interested in learning more about Hunger Relief Federation? Send us a message.