Member Benefits

Each local member of the Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin works to serve the specific needs in their community and has developed a comprehensive plan to combat hunger in their region. Together, federation members agree to maintain a healthy, robust network of free and local food banks, pantries and resources, upholding the following agreements:

  • Capacity Building and Technical Resources
  • Peer-to-Peer Support
  • Providing a Variety of Funding Opportunities
  • Coordination to Collaborate and Advocate
  • Training Opportunities for Volunteers, Staff and Community
  • Food and Fundraising Networking
  • Advocacy and Outreach Resources
  • Research, Mapping and Data Support
  • Venues to Communicate with Policy Makers
  • Leadership in Strategy and Message Development
  • Identification and Facilitation of Sharing Information, Resources and Best Practices
  • Training in Best Practices for Handling Food Safely, Determining Need, Providing Qualified Assistance, and Preventing Future Hunger.

Additional Funding Opportunity:

Hunger Relief Fund: The Hunger Relief Fund of Wisconsin was created to raise awareness of hunger-related issues in Wisconsin, and to provide hunger relief organizations with a means of accessing workplace-based payroll deduction fundraising campaigns. The Fund also ensures that employees have an option to donate to their local food pantry. No money is used for administrative costs—Hunger Task Force is the administrative agent and donates all administrative costs.

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