Each local member of the Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin works to serve the specific needs in their community and has developed a comprehensive plan to combat hunger in their region. Together, federation members agree to maintain a healthy, robust network of free and local food banks, pantries and resources, upholding the following agreements:

  • To provide food free of charge, to not charge a membership fee, and to not charge a delivery fee. People receiving the food will not be made to participate in a program of social work, employment or worship. Food will not be exchanged or bartered, either with service clientele, other eligible outlets or the community at large.
  • To comply with Federal and State Civil Rights Compliance Requirements, including but not limited to, Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Limited English Proficiency.
  • To uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct. Employees and volunteers should not use their affiliation with the Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin to support or engage in activity to achieve personal, financial or sexual benefit either for themselves, their family or some other personal associate.
  • To provide the highest levels of service in all areas to address the short and long term solutions to hunger.
  • To institute and maintain consistent operational practices of accountability for equitable distribution of food resources, and to promote community services and remove barriers to these services for participants.
  • Works to improve food security with emergency food and connections to existing community services.
  • That supplemental food programs are critical in stabilizing households with persistent food needs.

Want to become a member? Check out these member benefits!

Member Benefits:

  • Capacity building and technical resources
  • Food and fund raising networking
  • Training in best practices
  • Venue for sharing information, resources and best practices
  • Shared advocacy and outreach, including development of strategy and messaging, for communicating with policy makers.
  • Optional participation in the Hunger Relief Fund

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Our Mission

“We believe every person has a right to adequate food obtained with dignity. We join together to provide food to people in need today and to promote public policies to end future hunger.”